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Hair transplantation operations are most common operations performed worldwide… There operations are serious operations to be done under the survey of plastic surgeon.

Hair transplantation operations which are performed in our country oftenly, have become an expanding sector day-by-day. Considering across the globe, hair transplantation operations are performed more economically and high-class by comparison with other countries.

As hair transplantation center, providing the dreams of our patients to them by performing good quality, smooth hair transplantations takes place at the base of our service policy. Satisfaction of patient after operation makes us more satisfied than the patient. So, we perform hair transplantation operations with great punctilio, experienced team and in company with plastic surgeon.

Since 1998, we are proud of putting our signature under thousands of successful operations with our unvarying personnel. From the day that we hit the pavement to this, we made great contributions to improvements in hair transplantation. Educating a lot of medical staff, we brought them to hair transplantations and by this means, we have completed our objective of education.

At first, we learned listening to our patients and understanding their requests and dreams; and then, we worked hard to make real those dreams. At final stage, maximizing our hair transplantation technique, we developed FUE GOLD hair transplantation technique. Catching perfection in hair transplantation, we are waiting you valued patients to come our clinic or hospital to perform the hair transplantation to you.


We perform hair transplantation operations with plastic surgery team in the leadership of Op. Dr. ALİ MEZDEĞİ.

For all kinds of your questions about hair transplantation and FUE GOLD hair transplantation technique that we apply, you can get in contact with our plastic surgery charge hand Selin Toprak……

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