Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Fue-gold http://www.ztysacekimi.com/ has a  of features. From instruments used, to transplantation technique, it is a special technique all by itself. Because the instruments we use are designed and developed specially by our clinic, sophisticated instruments congenial to our technique are used.

Our surgical instruments for fue gold method are completely made of “gold”. The main reason is that the gold is the most compatible material with human body. When you contact the tissue (graft) with gold, you don’t harm it because the tissue does not defend itself by detecting foreign matter, in other words, it doesn’t spoil the natural structure and the form in hairy skin. Thus, this helps us to protect the quality of graft because it doesn’t cause any changes in natural formation of tissue wholeness.

The difference at the other stage in fue-gold is doing micro-interference instead of opening big channels. Collected roots are placed to right area and then they take position to grow up there.

Fue Gold Hair Transplantation, Hospital Choice and Price Assessment

In pricing, number of grafts to be transplanted is important. As clinic, we categorize as gold1 and gold2. Price is assessed in 2 groups with grafts transplanted.

Do every roots transplanted hold?

The answer of Do every roots transplanted hold? varies by transplantation and technique used. In some methods, because application differences, every root may not hold. With developing technology, we are able to say that every root holds %99 with fue-gold technique.

Stages of Fue Gold Hair Transplantation

Treatment protocol of hair transplantation is as follows:

Primarily, when the patient comes to our hospital, blood sample is taken and examined. Then, hair of patients is prepared for transplantation. After preparation, local anesthesia is applied to patient in operating room and hair transplantation of the patient whose anesthesia process is complete, is proceed. Principally, the roots are collected in compliance with fue-gold technique and the roots collected are split into quality groups. Micro-interference is applied to the area where the transplantation is wanted to be performed, then the roots collected are transplanted in that place and hair transplantation process is done.


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