Fue Hair Transplantation

Fue Hair Transplantation

Fue Hair Transplantation

Fue hair transplantation method is superior than other hair transplantation methods. So, I will try to give you detailed information about fue hair transplantation technique.

In simple sense, fue hair transplantation is a process of collecting the hair from hairy area of the head and transplanting them to bald patch. Actually, it’s that simple but I will try to give information to you about preprocess, postprocess and experiences during the process.

Before Fue Hair Transplantation

Before fue hair transplantation, the location that hair will be collected should be shaved by rarefying. Don’t be afraid of that, there is no case to create imbalance on your hair. There will be no problem to occur when you go out. The reason of this shaving is clear. Hair to be transplanted should be short and collection process should be comfortable. Transplantation of long hair constitutes an abnormal situation. I think you conjured up a mental picture of it.

How Fue Hair Transplantation is Performed?

In fue hair transplantation, hair roots collected from nape are put in order. This group is called Follicular units. These hairs are collected with micromotor. And performance of this operation by experienced people is very important. The ones who are specialists and practiced in microsurgery will affect the results of hair transplantation process. Collected roots are transplanted to hairless place one by one by being designed in accordance with aesthetics of patient’s hair. It is essential that this operation is done punctiliously. Therewithal, an unbalanced and casual hair transplantation does not give a result of good quality. In this process, strand number to be transplanted on patient’s head is determined. If baldness is developed, hair transplantation process is separated into several sessions. Main purpose of this is making the patient not to be exhausted. Separately, performance of the team becomes more productive in this context.

Hair transplantation process is done with assistance of team of experts. The team is not crowded in fue hair transplantation. We can consider this as one of the superiorities of fue hair transplantation. Hair transplantation team should have performed this operation for many times. And it is absolutely essential that plastic surgeon should support the team. Doctor must be present during the operation. Also, only doctor can perform the hair transplant operation. Self-developed plastic surgeons can perform hair transplant operations easily. Despite being a plastic surgeon, existence of experience is essential in this business. Because practice is an important factor which affects the results.

In How Many Sessions is Fue Hair Transplantation Done?

During hair transplantation process, 3-5 thousand strands transplanted in one session affects the quality. Of course more than this is possible. But, because splitting into sessions will affect the results, we find splitting into sessions acceptable. With fue method, transplantation is more comfortable and it has superiorities by comparison with some other methods.

Superiorities of Fue Hair Transplantation Against Other Methods

Because hair roots are collected one by one in fue method there will be no scar other than some concavities. Moreover, these concavities disappear in a few days by themselves. Fut method causes a distinctive scar on collection area because of massive hair roots are collected with strip. As a surgeon who does not like residual scars after operation, fue hair transplantation is very important technique for me. In fue method, it is not adhered to nape location. Hair roots are able to be collected from every locations of the body. Moreover, hairs on breast area can be used for transplantation. The time between sessions is maximum 2 weeks. There is no need to wait for months. This process can be finished in 1 month in total.

Fue Hair Transplantation Prices

fue hair transplant prices

fue hair transplant prices

Unfortunately, it is forbidden to give information about transplantation prices over internet sites. Fue hair transplantation prices are calculated in accordance with number of strands. A strand has a price. This price is determined by centers in accordance with market conditions. Price ranges are variable. However, neither expensive place is very good nor the cheap one is unqualified. Under the circumstances, the point is the team and the plastic surgeon who directs it.

What is Fue motor?

Fue motor is an instrument used in collection of hair roots (grafts). As fue motor is used, different instruments may be used congenial to hair structure of individual. Thus, presence of all these instruments in hospital or operating room where the hair transplantation will be done, is a factor that will seriously increase the quality of transplantation to be applied to patient.

Importance of the tips used in Fue method

The tips used are very important for quality of hair transplantation and root collection. The tip with same measure is not used for every patient. A special tip should be used for every kinds of hair. It is determined in accordance with the measurements aimed at thickness of hair and structure of hair skin.

After Fue Hair Transplantation

There is nothing that the patients should do particularly before hair transplantation but the patient should protect the location that transplantation is done against impacts and traumas for 10-day period.

After hair transplantation, the prescription of simple drugs that our patients should take is written and apart from that, there is no necessity of any additional treatments.

Next day from hair transplantation, medical dressing is opened and hair washing is done the other day. Hair washing process continues for 10 days and this process is operative for only 10 days. If the patients want, they can do it by themselves if not, we can perform this washing process.

After hair transplantation, within first 2 months, hairs are lost and on the other hand new hairs continue to grow. The patient doesn’t get bald completely and doesn’t get hairy after that. This harmony occurs with a period of loss and growth respectively.

Adjustment of Hair Density With Fue Hair Transplantation Method

Most important criterion in hair density is the hair which is present on side sections. Transplantation planning is done by basing on the density of hairs present on ear level so that natural density is obtained.

Anesthesia Usage in Fue Hair Transplantation

Anesthesia should be put specially in accordance with analysis results of individual. So, blood analysis results are very important. And this is a serious interference to be done by an expert.

Suitable Applicants for Fue Hair Transplantation

When using fue hair transplantation technique, there is no requirements asked. Moreover, fue technique appeals to larger mass because of not being adhered to nape location as in fut technique.

As minimum age limit for fue technique is 18 for me I disapprove the patients under this age because their maturity is incomplete for hair transplantation process.


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