Fut Hair Transplantation

Fut Hair Transplantation

Fut Hair Transplantation

Fut hair transplantation is a method which is unpreferable in the market, deficient by comparison with fue method and a hair transplantation method that constitutes extra expenses. First person who found fut hair transplantation method in 1995 is a doctor named Dr. Bernstein. Dr. Bernstein announced the method to world with an article named Follicular Transplantation.

Most important factor that separates the fut hair transplantation method from fue method is that the strands are not collected one by one but picked out as a group with skin. Because the method lasts for 5 minutes, it is impossible that the patient to feel pain.

Differences and Superiorities Between Fut and Fue Methods

• In Fue method, hairs are collected one by one. In fut method, they are collected as a whole with skin.

• When strands can only be collected from head and nape location in fut method,, strands can be collected from every locations of the body in fue method.

• In fut method, scar occurance on nape location is inevitable. But in hair transplantation with fue technique, any scar residual is not in question after transplantation.

• Because fut method is not widely-used it can be hard to find a specialized team, but prevalence of fue method has increased team quality in the market.

As specified above, Fut hair transplantation method is not a common and preferred method. Today, fue technique is used predominantly.

Fut Hair Transplantation Stages

In fut hair transplantation method, hair roots collected from nape should be steeped in cell liquid in order to keep the grafts alive until they are transplanted to hair transplantation area. Someone from the medical staff who will do the hair transplantation performs the separation process of hair roots, in other words; grafts. The rest forms a basis for hair roots to be transplanted by boring little holes in transplantation area. Before this perforation process, local anesthesia is applied to patient in order to prevent feeling pain.

In fut hair transplantation method, hair roots between 1000-3000 can be transplanted in compliance with the demands of patient. This process continues for approximately 1 hour. Fut hair transplantation process continues with transplantation of separated hair roots into holes.

In fut hair transplantation method, the most important point is transplantation stage. During transplantation, a regular placement is essential in accordance with suitability of head-hair form. If this operation isn’t done right, hairs with different directions may occur when the hair starts to grow. This means the hair transplantation operation is unsuccessful.

Fut Hair Transplantation Prices

Unfortunately, giving a net price about fut hair transplantation prices is impossible. This is also forbidden by government. Even if not, the patient can not get an exact price without examination.

Fut hair transplantation has various factors affiliated with the root number to be collected from nape, root number to be transplanted, baldness rate of patient and duration of operation, affecting the prices.

To get clear information about fut hair transplantation prices, you can send a photo of yourself and get a free examination by coming to our clinic. I recommend you to make your hair transplant operation done in hygienic hospital environment by plastic surgeon.


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