Hair Examination and Analysis

Hair Examination and Analysis

Hair Examination and Analysis

Hair examination;

You don’t say is there an hair examination! Hair examination is an obligatory process for us which should be made before taking decision for hair transplantation. Your hair and head shape are examined completely.

Hair transplantation should not be a process which is done casually like “there is a baldness here, a little right”. Every baldness on head should be examined accurately and how much transplantation to be done should be calculated punctiliously. During examination, how much transplantation the patient needs has to be calculated and if there, preparation should be done during these examination processes.

Hair analysis;

Hair analysis is examinations made in laboratory environment in order to determine how strong your hair is and how much it rubs off. We can answer the questions like “How the hair is ready for transplantation?”, “Where to collect the hair roots to get better results?” thanks to hair analysis.

Hair analysis is a process which avails both before and after the hair transplantation. Planning the course of transplantation, it helps you to get the most natural result after transplantation.


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