Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss :

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Hair loss is an esthetic disease which is commonly seen in both men and women. Although it is not irritating in women as it is in men, women may also experience significant hair loss.

Hair loss may be occurred in different ways. Hair may become thin or be lost completely from a certain region of the head. Anyway, hair of an individual loses approximately 80 – 100 strands per day. Well, I seem to hear that you ask “How can it possible for us to become completely bald?” Lost hair is only the %10 of your existing hair. Every healthy individual lose that amount daily. Of course this hair will grow and come full circle again. There is a cycle in this way for hair structure of mankind.

Symptoms of Hair Loss ;

• Forehead line starts to elevate headward

• Hair starts to become thin

• Peeling of scalp

• Explicit black spots on hair roots


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