Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul is our province where hair transplantation operations are performed intensively. Domestic and foreign patients come to Istanbul for hair transplantation surgeries. Our clinic which is aware of that case, has been offering accommodation facilities for our domestic or foreign patients who visit us from outside of Istanbul.

Patients who want to get hair transplantation operation in Istanbul have automatically get the chance to travel and hike the city. Touristic trips of Istanbul may be provided to patients amongst the opportunities which will be offered to them. Accommodation service may be offered in adequate quality that they desire.

Hair transplantation operations are performed in different city and province. However, in some cases we may able to get different results because those operations are highly developed and usual in Istanbul. Hair transplantation is a surgery based upon practice. The more practice you make the more experience you get.

In my opinion, patients who think of getting hair transplantation in Istanbul may have the edge over other cities both in touristic and quality features. You may also accept that as a short tribute for Istanbul where is one of the most beautiful cities of our country, Turkey.:)

Hair transplantation centers in Istanbul have the possibility to apply technology which may establish a faster connection with world. Ever-developing structures of Hair Transplantation Centers in Istanbul are become prominent.



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