Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique

Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique

Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique

In the past years, fue technique has become a constant technique in hair transplantation. Before getting straight to its reasons, I would like to say that the fue technique is a technique which is a pursuit for doctor and his team who perform the transplantation and a technique that should be applied by taking time off.

Completing the hair transplantation scarless and giving more natural results than fut technique is the reason why the fue technique is used all over the world. What is that supposed to mean? Hair transplantation performed on a patient is not noticed, in other words, it gives natural results. In fut technique, hair transplantation is definitely noticed and there is a significant scar left. In fue technique, hair roots are transplanted one by one and their regularity is made easier and more successful.

A hair transplantation which is done rightly with fue technique can give natural results as well as natural hair. The biggest parameter in this is the punctilio of the team who performs the transplantation. Fue technique is an accepted method. No one wants a scar on head after the operation. So, it has become a method that plastic surgeons prefer. Because the interferences performed with fue technique are not exhausting for team, we want to use this technique.

Satisfaction of patient after hair transplantation with fue method increases our standards of working eagerly and self sacrificing as a team. After each transplantation, the satisfaction of our patient arising from choosing us triggers us to work affectionately.


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