How many sessions does hair transplantation have? How long does it take?

How many sessions does hair transplantation have? How long does it take?

How many sessions does hair transplantation have?

Hair transplantation lasts as long as the need of hair follicles of patient. If you say what does it mean?; for example if a patient needs 10.000 hair strands he or she does not have those in one session. Theoretically, it could be done. But if we want to get qualified results, we should divide this procedure into sessions.

We recommend you to get 3000 – 4000 strands in one session. If you say why this amount, that hair transplantation procedure lasts 3 – 4 hours in average. During this period, both patient and transplanting team could get tired and they lose attention whether they want or not. According to our policy, patient satisfaction is important for us. Therefore, we have limited the transplantation amount in this way which is advantageous for patient. Sessions may be repeated with 1 week periods. In this time interval, patient comes again and same procedure is performed. By this means, both the patient will not be bored and our team operates with ideal performance.

How long does Hair Transplantation Operation take?

Hair transplantation procedure lasts approximately one hour for 1.000 hair strands. This time period is appropriate for rendering qualified service. Is it not possible to transplant sooner? Of course, it is possible. However the important thing is not finishing the job quickly but finishing it in adequate quality.



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