Reason of hair loss in men

Unfortunately a lot of men are hairless these days and we would like to get rid of that situation. As a matter of fact hair loss problem occurs once in every two men who are aged 50.

I’d like to put the Reason of hair loss in men in order as follows :

• Genetic i.e. hair loss as heritage from family

• Excessive Stress

• Heavy physical working conditions

• Major surgical operations

• Cancer Diseases

• Diabetes

• Thyroid Disease and medicine used for treatment

• Iron deficiency dependant Anemia

• Lack of Vitamin b12

• Lack of Zinc

Reason of hair loss in men

Reason of hair loss in men

Those possible reasons may cause hair loss. Except genetic i.e. predecessor reasons, abandoning the other reasons may grow your hair again. Nowadays, most important reason of hair loss is genetic reason. Lost hair could not be grown again by no means except surgical operations. I strongly recommend you to get hair transplantation operation for lost hair.


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