Reasons of hair loss in women

Reasons of hair loss in women

Reasons of hair loss in women

Hair loss may be seen in women as much as man however this is never seen as complete baldness as men. Some hair loss or hair thinning may be seen on different regions of the head of women.

Reasons of hair loss in women

Reasons of hair loss in women are completely the same as reasons in men. Excessive stress, sadness, side effects of drugs, major operations with narcosis etc..

Does giving a birth increase hair loss?

Surely, women may experience more hair loss in pregnancy periods because giving a birth could extremely affect the hormones. While losing 80 – 100 strands is normal, this number may increase during birth period. Please do not afraid of this situation. Mother shares all nutrients or everything with her child because she bears her baby. Because of that hair loss may be increased. After giving the birth, hair loss does not continue on the contrary it gets back the former density like before the birth.

Do women going through menopause lose their hair?

It doesn’t matter women or man, we have already told that main reasons of hair loss are hormonal alteration and genetic factors. If a woman goes through menopause, it is quite possible to lose her hair because there will be some hormonal changes in her body. However this situation is not always valid for every women. Some women do not even notice, some feel considerably less.


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  1. Hair loss is affected by your lysfetile here are some tips on how to stop the hair loss:1.First and foremost, take care of your body with good diet and exercise. These things affect hair health and can slow down the loss of your hair.2.Find ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise, Yoga, meditation, etc. are good activities for this.3.Take care how you treat your hair. Do not pull at it, comb or brush it harshly, or use harsh shampoos. Reduce use of colorants and other harsh chemicals. Try to manipulate your hair as little as possible. Reduce the use of blow dryers and curling irons.4.Investigate and experiment with the wide variety of products available to reduce hair loss. The earlier in life you begin this investigation and experimentation, the better your results will be. Products like Provillus, for example, should be used with the first signs of more than normal hair loss.5.Try natural remedies, such as Saw Palmetto(primarily for men), essential oils and herb solutions. These are available at health/nutrition retailers or on many Internet sites.

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