Reasons of hair loss

Reasons of hair loss

Reasons of hair loss

There is a lot of reason of hair loss. The result of all of these, hair loss may be occurred by losing the hair at the vertex of the head or thinning of hair located in certain regions.

1. Excessive stress and physical working environment (Telogen effluvium )

Working environments may not be similar for each person. Great part of people working in stressful and intensive conditions may experience hair loss. This kind of hair loss emerges unwillingly and on individuals own, besides those, excessive fever and some infectious diseases may cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss happens because of hormonal changes and diseases.

2. Side effects of used drugs

Medicines including lithium, beta blockers, varfarin, heparin, amphetamine, levodopa and prescription drugs used for treatment of diseases like rheumatism, gout, depression, cardiac diseases, hyper tension may cause temporary hair loss. In fact, the reason of hair loss is genetic and hormonal alterations.

3. Hair loss based on Family and Genetic Reasons

In some families, genetic hair loss i.e. hairlessness may be observed as heritage begins with father or grandfather. This situation improves completely without control of individual. If a patient has genetically hair thinning, this may also happen to children.

4. Fungal infections on Scalp (Tinea capitis)

Hair may be curled and consequentially be lost because of crustation happen to scalp. Some paniculas may appear on scalp and hair roots may become red. This kind of symptoms indicate the possibility of fungal infections on scalp.

5. Major Surgical Operations

Individual which underwent an operation for any reason may lose his/her hair temporarily. This is directly proportionate to majority of surgical operation. However this hair loss is temporary and lost hair is regenerated after a while.

6. Trichotillomania

Usually seen in kids. Some psychological types may be occurred during rise time. An individual who unintentionally curls or tears her/his hair out may cause temporary hair loss because of that reason.

7. Inconvenient Hair Care Products

Hair dyes or sprays which are used for any reason may cause hair loss. Please be sure that the products you have been using are certified and supervised by government. After stopping to use of those materials, hair loss may be prevented. Temporary hair loss is circumvented.

8. Cancer Treatment and Operations

Medicine used during the cancer treatment may cause hair loss. Besides, since the cancer operations are considered as major surgeries, they might be the reason of hair loss.

9. Hair Loss Because of Thyroid Disease

Hair loss may be occurred because of slow function of thyroid glands. After preventing or treating the abnormality of thyroid glands, hair loss may be stopped.


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