Regional Hair Transplantation

Regional Hair Transplantation

Regional Hair Transplantation

Regional Hair Transplantation

Your hair can be lost due to genetic reasons. In that natural case, you may try hair transplantation operations which become popular amongst our society. You may get positive results if you consult groups which have knowledge and experience about that operations.

In this article, I will try to inform you about regional hair transplantation topic. Hair of an individual may be lost regionally. Forehead may go bald, apical or posterior hair may be lost regionally. This is an ordinary situation. Many patients may experience regional hair loss. As a matter of fact, hair is lost generally from top of the head. It’s quite unlikely to lose your hair from side part of your head. The reason of that those hair have strong hair follicles.

Most of our patients visiting our clinic and calling us make complains about regional hair loss and ask whether their hairless regions may be covered with hair or not. Surely, hair may be transplanted regionally. For example, forehead line of the individual may be elevated but there is not any hair loss at the vertex of head. This problem may be solved by hair transplantation will be made on only forehead region.

Regional Hair Transplantation on Vertex of Head

Similarly, hair loss may be occurred at only the vertex of head. In that case, hair transplantation may be performed on hairless region by extracting hair follicles from nape of the neck. Most significant consideration while transplanting hair on that region is to perform transplantation pursuant to hair direction and hair form of individual. Hair should be transplanted in the same direction congruently and in the way that couldn’t distinguished after transplantation process.

Regional Hair Transplantation on Forehead

Forehead is a little bit different and special region than other regions of head. If this region in other words forehead line starts to push along headward, completion of hair loss is waited and hair line is determined after the hair loss. After that, hair transplantation can be executed.

Regional (Partial) Hair Transplantation Costs

In regional i.e. partial hair transplantation processes, how much hair will be transplanted on head should be calculated. We are able to determine that with a few photos you will send us. Most efficient method for determining the costs of regional hair transplantations is to take advantage of our already free of charge consultation and get examined by Op. Dr. Ali Mezdeği. After consultation, we could clearly specify the costs of regional i.e. partial hair transplantation.


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