Scarless Hair Transplantation

Scarless Hair Transplantation

Scarless Hair Transplantation

Your hair is thin or top side is completely tacky and you research hair transplantation operations. As in every plastic surgical intervention, a scarless operation is preferred in hair transplantation.

Is scarless hair transplantation possible? Of course it is… If you select the scarless technique, this operation takes place scarless. 2 different methods are present in hair transplantation. One of them is fue method. In this method, the roots collected one by one from nape are transplanted to area with lack of roots. With fue hair transplantation method, no scars are left in the places where the roots are collected. Individual definitely doesn’t notice the hair transplantation. Saç Ekimi Türkiye

In the fut method, the other one, because hairy skin is taken as a strip, a scar will exactly remain on that place. This annoys the person. Obviously, I don’t use fut technique for many years. The reason why is that we, plastic surgeons, should primarily aim completing the operations as they will not be noticed.

Surgery scars definitely happen in many operations. But when hair transplant operation is performed with fue method, there is no scar left on any place of your head. Root collection is not understood.

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