What does Natural Hair Transplantation mean?

What does Natural Hair Transplantation mean

What does Natural Hair Transplantation mean

Every hair transplantation patient wants their hair not to be different from other people. In other words, they want natural hair transplantation. Actually, this is the answer of the question What is natural hair transplantation? After hair transplantation, individuals want their appearance not to be noticed by people, even by hairdressers.

For natural hair transplantation, right technique should be used at first. I, surgeon Op. Dr. Ali Mezdeği who hates scars after operation, do my best for not leaving any scars in plastic surgeries. This is also applicable in hair transplantation operations. First rule of scarless and natural hair transplantation is selection of fue technique. With fue technique, the roots collected from nape area stand natural like any operation wasn’t done. If hair is transplanted and hair directions are specified with same punctilio, hair transplantation is natural.

Another important rule for natural hair transplantation is calculation of hair rotation and forehead line. If a plastic surgeon plans the transplantation in accordance with these calculations which vary by patient, the surgeon can give the patient a natural hair transplantation result.

Our profession in the business is the transplanted hair is not noticed even by hairdressers. If a hairdresser can not notice if a hair transplantation is done, we can say that this process of hair transplantation has given natural results. Natural results in hair transplantation is very important. It is essential that the one can not realize that there is a hair transplantation done. Some of our patients are choosy and some of them are unconcerned in this connection.

However, in our hair transplantation center, we act in respect to any scar or deviance in naturality after each patient’s hair transplantation operations. Because an unnatural hair transplantation is an incomplete aesthetical interference.


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